Where To Play Ocean King Online Real Money?

Ocean King is game for real money the latest entry in the online fish table games our system. Ocean King revolves around fish theme with many different icons and features. The new version such as Ocean King 3 – Fire Phoenix, Ocean King 2 – Monster also provides players with many improvements, features, giving players convenience.

Currently Ocean King has 26 levels from easy to difficult for players to explore. The game is still regularly added by the manufacturer with new features. The payment of Ocean king online are quite high, the winning player will receive extremely attractive valuable rewards.

How To Play Ocean King Online Real Money?

The player’s goal when participating in Ocean King online real money is to hunt fish with the most advanced weapons. The game is entered with a 3-step process as follows: normal, accelerated and targeted. Players just need to follow the steps above to hunt a lot of fish. The amount of bonus the player receives depends on the number of fish that the player hunts.

There are a total of 28 fish in Ocean King. Each type of fish has a different reward level. For the fish with great bonus value, players must use real money to buy bullets. Next, the player uses bullets in combination with other weapons to attack fish. The number of bonus points the player gets depends on the number of fish the player kills. Note that the bullets fired are bought with real money, so players must consider before using them to avoid wasting weapons.

Ocean King has many features and mini-games. This players need to keep in mind, they are very important and can give players a high chance of winning.

The Features And Features Of Ocean King Online

Fast Bomb

  • This is a free feature, often appearing in the game. Players can get one at random.
  • Time to use Fast Bomb is limited, players should take advantage to hunt a lot of fish.
  • Players press the “capture” button if they want to use Fast Bomb continuously.


  • A free in-game feature, with limited time to use. During participation, players may encounter “Firestorm” randomly.
  • Players can increase the time to use the feature, have more opportunities to hunt fish and exchange bonuses.
  • If the player wants to increase the speed, the player can simply click the “Shoot” button several times in a row.
  • The player’s final score is equal to the bonus value and the number of fish.

Lightning Chain

  • With this feature, the fish will appear as Lightning Fish.
  • There are many species of fish that appear as Lightning Fish such as: lying fish, clown fish, butterfly fish, fugu, lionfish, flatfish, lobster, spearfish and octopus.
  • To activate Lightning Chain, the player needs a Lightning Fish.
  • This feature is used for a limited time.

Vortex Fish

  • There are many species of fish belonging to Vortex Fish, such as: clown fish, butterfly fish, fugu, lionfish, flatfish, lobster, …
  • All fish in the area affected by the feature are sucked into the vortex by the Vortex Fish.

Golden Treasures

  • This is a feature for Demo players, which can be accessed randomly through the main game.
  • Players who want to achieve high scores need to use searchlight and search for the Imperial Whale.

Increased strength

Emperor Crab

  • Emperor Crab is a symbol that helps the player summon waves, from which the crab can attack other fish at the same time, quickly and with good effect.
  • Players have a very high chance to increase their bonuses if the Emperor Crab appears.

Almighty Octopus

  • The tentacles of Almighty Octopus can kill many different species of fish in a short time.
  • Players have an additional chance to receive rewards when possessing Almighty Octopus.
  • Get the chance to win 400-700x

Fire Dragon Turtle

  • This feature helps players increase their strength significantly. All fish in the sea will be destroyed.
  • Players have many opportunities to receive bonuses, the value of the bonus will be a huge number.
  • Get the chance to win 300-700x

Darkness Monster

  • If this feature appears, immediately 7 giant lantern fish will appear, they will attack all fish in the sea.
  • Players have an extra chance to multiply their winnings.
  • Get the chance to win 600-1200x

Ancient Crocodile

  • Ancient Crocodiles have the feature of summoning giant crocodiles. They will join forces to attack all the fish in the sea.
  • Players have an extra chance to multiply their winnings.
  • Get the chance to win 500-1000x

Fire Dragon

  • 7 big dragons will appear, attacking fish in the sea.
  • Depending on the number of fish destroyed, the player receives a corresponding reward
  • Get the chance to win 100-1000x

Where To Play Ocean King Online For Real Money?

Right now, players can join Ocean King online real money at our website. We currently offers 5 attractive versions: Ocean King 3 – Thanos Avengers, Ocean King 3 – Legend of the Phoenix, Ocean King 2 – Thunder Dragon, Ocean King 3 – Fire Phoenix, Ocean King 2 – Monster…

Before Ocean King 3 – Legend of the Phoenix, versions Ocean King’s Treasure and Ocean King 2 – Thunder Dragon of our system created a big buzz in the online fish game player community. Almost all players who have participated in Legend of the Phoenix and Thunder Dragon have commented that these versions have quality in terms of both form and content.

The product’s graphics are meticulously polished, with a careful investment in all aspects. In addition, the sound of the game is very diverse, simulating each activity of creatures and players. Players participating in the game commented that the game was extremely realistic, creating the feeling of being lost in the vast ocean world.

Players need only contact the service department via Facebook to receive detailed instructions. In just 1 minutes, players can own a account.

We allows players to deposit with Bitcoin or Cash App. Players can scan the code or perform the manual method depending on their individual needs. After receiving the deposit request, the system checks the betting account. If all goes according to the rules, Our System accepts the request, the money is added to the player’s account.


We believes that Ocean King online real money will not let players down. This fish table gambling game online possesses many new advantages and features, giving players a memorable experience.

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