Dragon King Fishing is a fish table online with a simple way to participate, sharp 3D graphics and realistic sound. This game is suitable for many ages, can bring fun or attractive bonuses to players.

What’s even better is that players can choose the demo mode to participate if they are not confident yet. During the game, players can practice more skills and get the payout they want. Follow the article below to know more about Dragon King Fishing!

How to play Dragon King Fishing – Fish Table Online


Dragon King Fishing is rated by players as having a simple gameplay, each game will have a maximum of 4 participants. Players will use guns to kill fish, small rank guns will have weaker power than high rank guns. So if players want to hunt, they need their own strategy.


When the player successfully kills the fish, they get money and gold. The more difficult the level up, the more valuable the player’s reward will be. Besides the usual fish, players can encounter some special fish such as mermaids, dragons, turtles, giant octopuses,… When the player hits these creatures, the amount of money. they get extremely large. However, special creatures rarely appear in the game, the time of appearance is also limited, players should take advantage of the opportunity to kill them.


After the player achieves a few achievements in the game, the player should upgrade the weapon to increase the power and kill more big fish. The more bonuses the better, as all bonuses received by players are real money, which can be withdrawn to a personal bank account. So players do not hesitate to learn how to cope with the tasks in the game!


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Dragon King fishing is the most attractive game on mobile. Everything is edited, perfect from the smallest features and images.