If you are participating in an online fish table game, you must have heard the name Fire Kirin. This is a game and also an extremely popular version of the fish table theme. This game relies on the player’s skill and experience, they have to hunt creatures and receive rewards from them. Unlike other online betting games, if you want to win Fire Kirin, players have to practice and put in a lot of effort.

Fire Kirin is one of the games that many players love, especially when provided with a reputable and quality system, the game will become even better. There are many online fish table games on the market, but Fire Kirin still maintains its position in the market and in the hearts of players. Prove that Fire Kirin possesses many distinct advantages, follow the article below for more details!

What Is Fire Kirin?

Fire Kirin is an online fish table themed version, released to provide players to enjoy and earn extra income. The game appeared on the market in 2020 and is currently offered by a few online casinos. Most systems that own Fire Kirin are also popular and receive the trust of players.

Similar to other online fish table versions, Fire Kirin has many modes. Each level will have different difficulty, players based on their own ability to choose a room to play. When players step into Fire Kirin, they will encounter a game with colorful graphics, sharp images and realistic sounds. Besides, there is also an arsenal of weapons, many features for players to choose to bet on. The creatures in the game are very lively, different sizes, possess different features and of course the bonuses are also different.

Players when participating in Fire Kirin will transform into hunters, hunting fish and other creatures. The more fish killed, the more bonus the player gets. For special creatures that rarely appear and are huge in size, players have to time them to hunt. In addition, the application of skills and game tips will help players improve the ability to win.

The Features Of Fire Kirin

  • Laser shrimp

The laser shrimp is also considered a weapon, thanks to which the player can successfully kill many fish species at the same time. Players should consider owning a laser shrimp because it really makes their game more complete.

  • Missile attack

The destructive power of this weapon is extremely large, it is designed with the purpose of destroying all the small fish located in the area. Players who want to use it need to buy special ammunition, the amount of money is quite large. Anyone who possesses a missile attack, the probability of that player’s success is extremely high.

  • Fire Kirin

This is the main character of the game, if the player successfully kills this creature, the player will earn a lot more bullets, along with a random reward.

  • Mermaids

This creature very rarely appears in the game, it is not easy for players to find it. They move customarily, in different patterns, creating surprises and difficult for players to catch. If the player can kill one of them, the reward they get can be fast ammo. Then no matter what fish the player encounters, just firing quickly will kill them.

  • Fury Dragon

This is a character that is very popular with players when participating in fish tables online. Every round of Fire Kirin, a Fury Dragon will appear on the screen. This character has great strength, no one can kill it with just a few bullets. If the player wants to destroy this dragon, the player must use at least 10 bullets and all must aim at the right target.

When a player is successful, the reward they receive is a chance to have free ammo. In addition, players can also earn new, more advanced canos through killing this creature in the game


Any player can see Fire Kirin as a great opportunity for players to have fun. This game has a simple gameplay, players can interact with each other, earn real money and withdraw money to the bank account. However, players should remember that the victory of Fire Kirin or any online fish table game is based on skill. Players cannot expect their own luck. If players want to have fun and limit losses, the fastest way is to learn the strategy of playing fish table online from experienced people.

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