Ocean King Online is an entertainment genre that receives great support from players. After Ocean King 3 was born, the fish table game market was extremely busy, the number of players returning to the fish table was also increasing.

That’s why game manufacturers continue to release new versions of Ocean King 3, changing themes to create diversity. Players have access to more games. Ocean King 3 has many different versions. Here are a few versions of Ocean King 3 that allow players to receive real money rewards.

  • Buffalo Thunder

Buffalo Thunder is the latest version of Ocean King 3. This game allows a minimum of 4 players to participate at once. The features in the game are extremely attractive, players can receive rewards from those features, also thanks to the feature to hunt more fish.

Buffalo Thunder allows players to choose 1 of 3 rooms, the amount of bets and bonuses will increase gradually after each game room. Depending on the individual needs and skills of the players, they can find a suitable room. The prominent creatures at Buffalo Thunder are Mermaid, Fire Phoenix, Emperor Crab, Ancient Crocodile, Thunder Dragon,…

  • Crab Avengers

Crab Avengers is considered an outstanding game on the theme of the sea. Each turn has a maximum of 4 players at the same time. Players can freely choose their favorite weapons to hunt fish and receive incentives from those types of features. The number of bonus rounds and bonuses players get are based on their fishing skills.

Emperor Crab: When the player conquers the Emperor Crab, all creatures on the screen are attacked by the Emperor Crab, the more creatures killed the more points the player gets.

Ancient Crocodile: When the player captures the Ancient Crocodile, it will constantly expand the screen across the screen to hold the prize, which the player can take advantage of the opportunity to claim the bonus.

Almighty octopus: When the player captures Almighty octopus, giant tentacles will stretch across the screen to catch each fish within its reach, giving the player even more bonus points.

Fire Dragon turtle: The player successfully activates a Fire Dragon turtle, a series of big explosions will take place, then the fish around will bring bonuses to the player.

  • Fire Phoenix

If players want to innovate when participating in an online fish table, players should look to Fire Phoenix, this game has extremely attractive payouts and diverse features. Players can experience many different colors when participating in the game.

In addition to small fish with low payouts, players still have the opportunity to hunt for special creatures such as mermaids, Emperor Crab, Thunder Dragon, Quake Touch,… The payout is up to hundreds of times more with the usual bonus.

  • Legend of the Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix possesses top-notch graphics with extremely realistic sound. Players participating in Legend of the Phoenix can encounter new creatures, attractive payouts.

Legend of the Phoenix offers players 3 rooms with increasing difficulty. Of course, the bet level and player payout are also more attractive, players have more opportunities to come into contact with big fish.

Legend of the Phoenix main gameplay is layered with features and mini-games. These are important to use as they give the player a higher chance of earning more points and, therefore, the potential for more winnings.

  • Thanos Avengers

Thanos Avengers is a fish table games version that has been upgraded by the manufacturer with a few new features, including the image of Thanos in the game. Players when participating will encounter new creatures, not all fish table game versions have.

With a careful investment from graphics to sound, Thanos Avengers gives players a feeling of freshness and authenticity. In particular, the game has many different levels, so the payment level will also be suitable for individuals who hunt fish by skill. Bonuses players can get from x2 up to x200, special creatures will bring even more attractive payouts.

Ocean King 3 Mobile

All versions of Ocean king 3 Game are mobile friendly and can be played on IPhone or Android.

Download – Ocean King 3

Players do not need to download the device can still experience Ocean king 3 game at our website. We allows players to deposit with Bitcoin or Cash App. Players can scan the code or perform the manual method depending on their individual needs. After receiving the deposit request, the system checks the betting account. If all goes according to the rules, Our System accepts the request, the money is added to the player’s account.


Above is the entire version of Ocean King 3 available at our website. If players are bored with other versions of the Fish table games, want to change the wind to experience new features, do not ignore the games above. Surely players will love it from the first contact. Good luck players!