What is Ancient Fortunes Slot?

Ancient Fortunes of MGS publisher has 117649 winning lines, players will have more luck on each spin. Join the ancient world and find hidden treasures. First, learn how to play and special features of Ancient Fortunes.

  • Number of reels: 3×6 reels (3 rows, 6 columns equals 18 reels), 4 additional reels are added to columns 2,3,4,5

  • Number of winning lines in the game: 117649 winning lines

  • Minimum bet is 0.10 USD

  • The maximum bet is 20.00 USD

Line winning in the game

Winning lines in Ancient Fortunes have 117649 winning lines. All winnings will be paid from left to right except for the bonus symbol which will pay any payout. Each reel alone or with an additional reel can have up to 7 symbols. The winnings in the form are multiplied by the bet multiplier.

Only the highest winnings per line are paid out. If something goes wrong, all plays and payments will be forfeited.

Special symbols in the game Ancient Fortunes

In the game, there are some features that help players increase their chances of winning as follows:

  • Wild Symbol

Can substitute for any symbol to form a winning line except for the bonus symbol. 

The wild symbol can only appear on the additional reels.

  • Bonus symbol

Triggers free spins.

Features of Ancient Fortunes Slot

  • Additional reels

Symbols are added to the top of the reels on reels 2,3,4 and 5.

  • Rolling Reels

This feature is triggered during the main play and free spins. 

The winning straight symbol in the form will be removed to make room for a new symbol. 

The Rolling Reels feature can reward multiple consecutive wins.

  • Jackpot selection game

Players have a chance to win 1 of 4 jackpots in the jackpot selection play which is extreme, extra large, small and micro. 

The jackpot is available both in the main play and free spins. 

During each spin, the wild symbol is collected during the Rolling Reels spins. 

After the feature is completed the jackpot selection play has a probability of triggering. 

The more wild symbols a player collects, the higher the probability of triggering. 

12 cards are presented, the player chooses 1 corresponding card to open the jackpot prize, if 3 matching cards are opened, the corresponding prize is awarded and the feature ends.

  • Free Spins

4 bonus symbols will trigger 12 free spins. 

Each extra bonus symbol will award 5 free spins. 

The win multiplier starts at 1 and increases with each Rolling Reels spin. 

During the free spins, the bonus symbol appears only on the additional reels.