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Some Featured Fish Table Games​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Looking For Fish Table Game Online

Depending on the needs of each player, fish table online has products that enhance the level of competition of players, increase the pace and create excitement. There are games that players want to win based on skills, tactics and methods of hunting fish. If players want to find a game that can apply the above two factors at the same time and bring interesting experiences, We will be the best choice..

Some Featured Fish Table Games

  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Blackbeard’s Fury

Any player entering the game must experience the wrath of Blackbeard’s Fury. Not only that, players also have to compete with each other to get the highest score. In the game Blackbeard’s Fury, Poseidon and the almighty Octopus are the two most loved characters by players. They have their own advantages, allowing players to gain an advantage over their opponents.


Blackbeard’s Fury is configurable for 4, 6, 8 or 10 players at the same time. The competition of the game is guaranteed to make players very excited, any member will not regret participating.


  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Golden Toad’s Frenzy


Golden Toad’s Frenzy is a game that owns hundreds of sea creatures with eye-catching colors and many attractive features. The game takes players to a new world, although it is still under the ocean, but Golden Toad’s Frenzy has a completely new image. Players when participating will compete to hunt for the giant Golden Toad and at the same time free their Frog Frenzy. Only then can the player receive the bonus.


Players who want to win Golden Toad’s Frenzy need skill, strategy and a little bit of luck. In addition to the bonus, players also receive a gift from the Mermaid Power-Up – a completely new symbol, never seen in other games. Golden Toad’s Frenzy promises to be a really explosive game for every player.


  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Legend of the Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix is ​​the addition to the Ocean King 3 game series becoming even more perfect. The game is extremely sharp, every small detail is carefully invested, realistically depicting the symbols in the game. Players will extremely love characters such as Phoenix, Fire Dragon Turtle, Swirl Fish. They all come with an immersive sound that is sure to attract thousands of players. In addition, this product has many different configurations, suitable for the devices players use to participate.


  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Master of the deep


Players if you are looking for a unique game with many outstanding advantages, do not forget the Master of the deep game. This game from graphics, images are extremely vivid, realistic and high definition. Players can use a variety of weapons, compete with each other to hunt creatures. Master of the deep is sure to please the crowd and entertain anyone who is very stressed.

Why Choose Us To Play Fish Table Game Online Real Money

Each player has the right to choose the game, as well as choose where to place the bet. We is a website that specializes in providing high-quality products. At the same time the team has a lot of experience in game development. Players can rely on skills and detailed instructions to conquer the game.


In addition, the website is extremely secure, all personal activity information of players is saved by the system. The firewall encrypts all information, preventing the entry of professional hackers. Players are free to operate and transact with many different methods, including e-wallets such as Cash app,…Players can buy Bitcoin and participate in fish tables online.


Ocean King is divided into many small games, players just need to choose the right game and participate. We are ready to support and quickly handle any problems players encounter. Hope every member at is satisfied with their choice, loves the game they are participating in and has a great experience!




Fire Kirin – Fish Table Games Online

If you are participating in an online fish table game, you must have heard the name Fire Kirin. This is a game and also an extremely popular version of the fish table theme. This game relies on the player’s skill and experience, they have to hunt creatures and receive rewards from them. Unlike other online betting games, if you want to win Fire Kirin, players have to practice and put in a lot of effort.

Fire Kirin is one of the games that many players love, especially when provided with a reputable and quality system, the game will become even better. There are many online fish table games on the market, but Fire Kirin still maintains its position in the market and in the hearts of players. Prove that Fire Kirin possesses many distinct advantages, follow the article below for more details!

What Is Fire Kirin?

Fire Kirin is an online fish table themed version, released to provide players to enjoy and earn extra income. The game appeared on the market in 2020 and is currently offered by a few online casinos. Most systems that own Fire Kirin are also popular and receive the trust of players.

Similar to other online fish table versions, Fire Kirin has many modes. Each level will have different difficulty, players based on their own ability to choose a room to play. When players step into Fire Kirin, they will encounter a game with colorful graphics, sharp images and realistic sounds. Besides, there is also an arsenal of weapons, many features for players to choose to bet on. The creatures in the game are very lively, different sizes, possess different features and of course the bonuses are also different.

Players when participating in Fire Kirin will transform into hunters, hunting fish and other creatures. The more fish killed, the more bonus the player gets. For special creatures that rarely appear and are huge in size, players have to time them to hunt. In addition, the application of skills and game tips will help players improve the ability to win.

The Features Of Fire Kirin

  • Laser shrimp

The laser shrimp is also considered a weapon, thanks to which the player can successfully kill many fish species at the same time. Players should consider owning a laser shrimp because it really makes their game more complete.

  • Missile attack

The destructive power of this weapon is extremely large, it is designed with the purpose of destroying all the small fish located in the area. Players who want to use it need to buy special ammunition, the amount of money is quite large. Anyone who possesses a missile attack, the probability of that player’s success is extremely high.

  • Fire Kirin

This is the main character of the game, if the player successfully kills this creature, the player will earn a lot more bullets, along with a random reward.

  • Mermaids

This creature very rarely appears in the game, it is not easy for players to find it. They move customarily, in different patterns, creating surprises and difficult for players to catch. If the player can kill one of them, the reward they get can be fast ammo. Then no matter what fish the player encounters, just firing quickly will kill them.

  • Fury Dragon

This is a character that is very popular with players when participating in fish tables online. Every round of Fire Kirin, a Fury Dragon will appear on the screen. This character has great strength, no one can kill it with just a few bullets. If the player wants to destroy this dragon, the player must use at least 10 bullets and all must aim at the right target.

When a player is successful, the reward they receive is a chance to have free ammo. In addition, players can also earn new, more advanced canos through killing this creature in the game


Any player can see Fire Kirin as a great opportunity for players to have fun. This game has a simple gameplay, players can interact with each other, earn real money and withdraw money to the bank account. However, players should remember that the victory of Fire Kirin or any online fish table game is based on skill. Players cannot expect their own luck. If players want to have fun and limit losses, the fastest way is to learn the strategy of playing fish table online from experienced people.

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Summary of Ocean King 3 Online Real Money

Ocean King Online is an entertainment genre that receives great support from players. After Ocean King 3 was born, the fish table game market was extremely busy, the number of players returning to the fish table was also increasing.

That’s why game manufacturers continue to release new versions of Ocean King 3, changing themes to create diversity. Players have access to more games. Ocean King 3 has many different versions. Here are a few versions of Ocean King 3 that allow players to receive real money rewards.

  • Buffalo Thunder

Buffalo Thunder is the latest version of Ocean King 3. This game allows a minimum of 4 players to participate at once. The features in the game are extremely attractive, players can receive rewards from those features, also thanks to the feature to hunt more fish.

Buffalo Thunder allows players to choose 1 of 3 rooms, the amount of bets and bonuses will increase gradually after each game room. Depending on the individual needs and skills of the players, they can find a suitable room. The prominent creatures at Buffalo Thunder are Mermaid, Fire Phoenix, Emperor Crab, Ancient Crocodile, Thunder Dragon,…

  • Crab Avengers

Crab Avengers is considered an outstanding game on the theme of the sea. Each turn has a maximum of 4 players at the same time. Players can freely choose their favorite weapons to hunt fish and receive incentives from those types of features. The number of bonus rounds and bonuses players get are based on their fishing skills.

Emperor Crab: When the player conquers the Emperor Crab, all creatures on the screen are attacked by the Emperor Crab, the more creatures killed the more points the player gets.

Ancient Crocodile: When the player captures the Ancient Crocodile, it will constantly expand the screen across the screen to hold the prize, which the player can take advantage of the opportunity to claim the bonus.

Almighty octopus: When the player captures Almighty octopus, giant tentacles will stretch across the screen to catch each fish within its reach, giving the player even more bonus points.

Fire Dragon turtle: The player successfully activates a Fire Dragon turtle, a series of big explosions will take place, then the fish around will bring bonuses to the player.

  • Fire Phoenix

If players want to innovate when participating in an online fish table, players should look to Fire Phoenix, this game has extremely attractive payouts and diverse features. Players can experience many different colors when participating in the game.

In addition to small fish with low payouts, players still have the opportunity to hunt for special creatures such as mermaids, Emperor Crab, Thunder Dragon, Quake Touch,… The payout is up to hundreds of times more with the usual bonus.

  • Legend of the Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix possesses top-notch graphics with extremely realistic sound. Players participating in Legend of the Phoenix can encounter new creatures, attractive payouts.

Legend of the Phoenix offers players 3 rooms with increasing difficulty. Of course, the bet level and player payout are also more attractive, players have more opportunities to come into contact with big fish.

Legend of the Phoenix main gameplay is layered with features and mini-games. These are important to use as they give the player a higher chance of earning more points and, therefore, the potential for more winnings.

  • Thanos Avengers

Thanos Avengers is a fish table games version that has been upgraded by the manufacturer with a few new features, including the image of Thanos in the game. Players when participating will encounter new creatures, not all fish table game versions have.

With a careful investment from graphics to sound, Thanos Avengers gives players a feeling of freshness and authenticity. In particular, the game has many different levels, so the payment level will also be suitable for individuals who hunt fish by skill. Bonuses players can get from x2 up to x200, special creatures will bring even more attractive payouts.

Ocean King 3 Mobile

All versions of Ocean king 3 Game are mobile friendly and can be played on IPhone or Android.

Download – Ocean King 3

Players do not need to download the device can still experience Ocean king 3 game at our website. We allows players to deposit with Bitcoin or Cash App. Players can scan the code or perform the manual method depending on their individual needs. After receiving the deposit request, the system checks the betting account. If all goes according to the rules, Our System accepts the request, the money is added to the player’s account.


Above is the entire version of Ocean King 3 available at our website. If players are bored with other versions of the Fish table games, want to change the wind to experience new features, do not ignore the games above. Surely players will love it from the first contact. Good luck players!


How to play Dragon King Fishing – Fish Table Online

Dragon King Fishing is a fish table online with a simple way to participate, sharp 3D graphics and realistic sound. This game is suitable for many ages, can bring fun or attractive bonuses to players.

What’s even better is that players can choose the demo mode to participate if they are not confident yet. During the game, players can practice more skills and get the payout they want. Follow the article below to know more about Dragon King Fishing!

How to play Dragon King Fishing – Fish Table Online


Dragon King Fishing is rated by players as having a simple gameplay, each game will have a maximum of 4 participants. Players will use guns to kill fish, small rank guns will have weaker power than high rank guns. So if players want to hunt, they need their own strategy.


When the player successfully kills the fish, they get money and gold. The more difficult the level up, the more valuable the player’s reward will be. Besides the usual fish, players can encounter some special fish such as mermaids, dragons, turtles, giant octopuses,… When the player hits these creatures, the amount of money. they get extremely large. However, special creatures rarely appear in the game, the time of appearance is also limited, players should take advantage of the opportunity to kill them.


After the player achieves a few achievements in the game, the player should upgrade the weapon to increase the power and kill more big fish. The more bonuses the better, as all bonuses received by players are real money, which can be withdrawn to a personal bank account. So players do not hesitate to learn how to cope with the tasks in the game!


Dragon King Fish Table Games Download iOS

Dragon King Fishing Download Android


Dragon King fishing is the most attractive game on mobile. Everything is edited, perfect from the smallest features and images.



Play Online Fish Table Games Sweepstakes Of Provider iSoftBet

iSoftBet is one of the most prominent online fish table games providers today. The system has made many contributions during the day, creating games that are both quality in content and graphics. Players can participate in entertainment with many different topics.

Isoftbet Online Fish Table Games Software Reviews

iSoftBet is one of the most prominent online fish table games providers today. The system has made many contributions during the day, creating games that are both quality in content and graphics. Players can participate in entertainment with many different topics.

iSoftBet has attracted a wide range of online casinos with their quality products. These games can be played using computers, mobile phones or other devices as long as they have an internet connection. That’s why many online casinos come to iSoftBet with the desire to be the main online fish table games provider for them.

Online Fish Table Games Provider Profile At iSoftBet

The CEO of iSoftBet is Nir Elbaz. He has run the company into orbit and built a strong online fish table games market. Besides, iSoftBet also provides online fish table games with unmatched quality.

Their first partnership with an online casino started in 2010. With this effort, they have acquired an impressive portfolio of slot machines. The company has an original license in Alderney.

iSoftBet also has licenses in many EU regulated jurisdictions, including Belgium and Italy. Players are always looking forward to seeing more exciting slots from online slot provider iSoftBet in the future.

Security And License of Online Fish Table Games Provider iSoftBet

Currently iSoftBet is licensed to operate in the UK, Spain, Italy, Alderney, Portugal and Belgium. Licensed from UGC, ONJN, SRIJ, AAMS, Gibraltar, Alderney and Gaming Lab. This proves that the game from this publisher guarantees quality and is safer than ever.

Each Slot product provided by iSoftBet is available at many famous online casinos in the world. Players are also too familiar with this name. Customers now have absolute confidence in the security and policies and games published by iSoftBet.

Play Online Fish Table Games Sweepstakes Of Provider iSoftBet

London-based iSoftBet has an impressive library of fish games, inspired by many famous movies in the film industry. Fish games with many features including bonuses. The game’s graphics are also very sharp, players will definitely feel attracted when participating.

Most of iSoftBet’s redemption fish table games are designed with a five-reel layout, most of their game are compatible with mobile devices, providing a pretty exciting mobile gaming experience for players who love to have fun and play games on the go. 

iSoftBet has created a number of slot games with 3 different reels and 5 reels for players to choose from. They appear in the traditional fruit look and never go out of style. There are also some other games that pay up to 243 lines. That means the amount they get is really attractive if there are 5 similar symbols.

Mobile Online Fish Table Games And Compatibility

As we mentioned earlier, the redemption fish table games from gaming provider iSoftBet offers only high quality games and top quality spins with top bonus functions and possibilities. Good compatibility with devices.

No matter which game a player chooses and it comes from iSoftBet, they run smoothly and are easy to operate on any mobile device. Players do not need to worry when participating, what they need is a strong internet connection. Players also need to update the games regularly, enhance the entertainment features of the games and choose the device that is most compatible with them to participate. Currently, computers, phones or tablets can all be used to participate in iSoftBet’s slot games


iSoftBet has always been a trusted name for players. This system appears in all online casinos today and receives a lot of support from players, extremely good product quality and attractive bonuses.

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We are a website specializing in providing Fish game and Slot games products in the US market. Not only owning a diverse number of games, the customer service system is very high quality.

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